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Contribute to the local economy

Malawi is a nation of artistic talent. Children seem to be born with inherent rhythm to dance, singing is a part of story telling and culture, and carving is abundant. We hold a stock of items made by local artists, and there are artists just outside our door selling hand made, quality carvings, paintings and jewellery.

Be an agent of social change

The Lodge is a partner of Sustainable Cape Maclear. Kay has been a driving force in establishing rubbish bins along the main village streets, helping to establish the Recycle Centre, and in running the first ‘Walk a Mile in Women’s Shoes’ event highlighting the role that Malawian women play in society. The Lodge is working with the local community to identify new programmes that celebrate the importance of education, and in community, and young girl’s and women’s empowerment. We can even help you book a course on making your own paper by a local artist and waste campaigner.

lake malawi community
lake malawi community

Giving back to the community

We make a point of interviewing candidates from the village as our first choice for any positions in the company. One of Kay’s passions is to pass on some of the knowledge she has acquired through her life. She chooses to do this by recognising potential in interview applicants and taking them on and training on the job. She also plans to help women in business in Chembe village, by offering – skills exchange, business classes, basic accounting, basic marketing, business plan writing.


We work hand in hand with the local tour guide association and promote all trips they offer. Giving the group of the week an opportunity to try and sell a tour to our clients in an organised manner so as to respect the clients holiday and their space.


We try to get all our building, maintenance and electrical needs serviced by trained locals living in the village. We will soon have a shop that will stock locally made arts and crafts from a variety of artists.


A small team that has come together as a family with the goal of providing a beautiful and comfortable space for visitors to relax in.

We hope you will come and experience our hospitality.

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