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Hiking Malawi

Mulanje hikes - Here are 4 Options of support for different types of hikers. There are various routes and 10 different huts 

(below are routes are shared for inspiration - If this does excite you speak to Kay directly to tailor your hike for you)

Option 1 - Tour Leader/Chef services, 3 meals, hiking snacks, Local guide & porter/s

Option 2 - Chef services, 3 meals, local guide & porter/s

Option 3 - Chef services(bring your own food), local guide & porter/s

Option 4 - Local guide & porter/s (bring and prepare your own food)

Day 1

Arrive in Mulanje and spend the night at the base of the Mountain we recommend - Africa Wild Truck Camp (for this accommodation you will have to still drive to Likhubula to begin your hike as it is on the other side of the mountain), Likhubula C.C.A.P or Hikers Nest is within walking distance of many trails up the mountain.

Day 2

Begin your hike up Mulanje at 6am - this is a 5-6 hr. hike up the Milk run path. Packed lunch along the way. Spending your first night at the C.C.A.P hut.

Day 3

Depart after breakfast to Chisepo - this is a 5-6hr hike -This is the hut below the highest peak - Sapitwa - If you would like to hike the peak then you can do this early morning on day 4 as the first hike of the day. (please note if it rains you will not be able to do the peak as it is very dangerous)

Day 4

Depart after breakfast/lunch depending on if you hike Sapitwa in the morning or not and hike to Chambe. This is a 3-4hr hike

Day 5

Depart early morning to hike down the mountain to Likhubula via the skyline route - this route is on the edge offering great views but can be hard on the knees


Variations of this route can be done - shortening it, adding more days, visiting different huts and adding or removing peak hikes.  

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