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Nicky's Solo Mulanje Hike

On day 1 Nicky's Four day hike took her from Likhubula (1998m) to Chisepo Hut (2219m) via the Chapaluka path. 

Day 2 was to begin at 2am with the aim of seeing sunrise at "Sapitwa" (Mulanje's Highest Peak at 3002m). A cold front came in during the night, and Nicky decided departing at first light was a better plan. The Hike was Beautiful and tough and on arrival back at Chisepo it was time to pack up, eat some food and continue the days hike to Lichenya Hut (1840m). 

Lichenya was Nicky's Favourite hut on her hike. Here she got to take in the beauty, see the diversity of nature on Mulanje and end the day by hanging out with the guides the potters and the hut man.  

Day 3 Nicky and guide set off to the CCAP Hut (1981m), a view point and some lovely mountain pools for a little dip.


Day 4 Nicky began her decent to Likubula, her mountain adventure was coming to an end but she still had one last night in Mulanje with the lovely Ruth at Hikers Nest.

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